Ghana's Anti-LGBTQ+ Bill, the debate for or against

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Ghana's Anti-LGBTQ+ Bill, the debate for or against Africa's development agenda continue to suffer the domination of external priorities. The new dominant and distracting issue is the LGBTQ+.

Suddenly, Ghana is trapped in a raging debate about LGBTQ+, as though she needs a dictionary to clarify her position on the matter.

Is the answer not evident in our cultural norms? Why waste valuable time and resources to debate an issue whose answer is apparent in who we are or our heritage.

Before we get too distracted from the critical work of attending to the struggles of millions of Africans needing access to clean water, healthcare, shelter, and education, let's ponder these questions:

  •  What is the value of debating an issue that is decided in popular African culture?    
  •  What is the motivation of the external sponsors of LGBTQ+ in Africa?    
  •  What is or are the implications of the embrace of LGBTQ+ on Africa's development pursuit?

Let us stop at three questions because there is an endless number of questions that one can pose. But the only question that is merits examination, and perhaps worth the time and resources, is whether Africa would ever muster the courage to assert its culture and position? Until then, the distractive debate about external priorities will continue to dominate Africa development dialogue while her people flounder.



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    paul mensah Fri, Oct 29, 2021 5:03 PM / 9 months ago

    our cultural values does not support that

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