Dr. Cynthia A. Sottie

Cynthia A. Sotie has a bachelor’s degree in social work from the University of Ghana; a master’s in social work (MSW) from West Virginian University in Morgantown, USA and a PhD from Queens University Belfast, UK.

Cynthia taught at the University of Ghana from 2000 to 2016 and was a former Head of the Department of Social Work. She is currently an Associate Professor of Social Work at Booth University College in Canada, where she teaches courses in Social Work with Communities and Organizations, Ethics, Human Behaviour, International Social Work, among others.

She is a registered social worker with the Manitoba College of Social Workers, a member of the Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW), the Canadian Association for Social Work Education (CASWE-ACFTS) and the North American Association of Christians in Social Work (NACSW).

Coming from a social work background, Cynthia is very passionate about social and economic development and believes that community engagement is necessary for any development to be sustainable. She is passionate about issues related to social justice.

She believes the focus must be on education provision and access and quality since education is a key ingredient in socio-economic development. She believes it is a nation’s responsibility to ensure every member of society (no matter their socio-economic status, age, physical or mental abilities/limitations) exercise their right to access resources needed for a decent standard of living.

Her past and current research areas include Ghana’s education policies and their impact on education access and outcomes, mental health and stigma, and issues related to poverty and marginalization.


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